L. Karlene Muller, L.Ac. Dipl. Ac
Trained in China, Graduated- China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine



We welcome your interest in acupuncture. Recognizing that our health is a dynamic balance of our entire being; reflected in our Body, which contains physical fitness and vitality. Our Emotions, create responsiveness and serenity. Our Mind, which gives us a mental outlook of clarity and creativity. And Spirit, which provides a sense of justice and purpose.

Chinese acupuncture is the oldest form of medicine, dating back over 25 centuries. It is a comprehensive system of medicine based on the natural laws of the body. Acupuncture is useful in the prevention of many illness as well as helping with current acute and chronic conditions. It is also great for reducing stress and depression and maintaining fitness and over all well being.

Allergy Elimination Treatments- An allergy is an abnormal reaction to certain substances--either toxins such as exhaust fumes or pesticides, or non toxins such as pollens or food. Rotation diets are commonly used to treat food allergies but the technique used in this office eliminates the allergy!

Cold Laser Therapy gives pain relief and accelerated healing without drugs or surgery. Used for arthritis, back pain, joint pain, sports injuries, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, soft tissue injuries,fibromyalgia and more.

Therapeutic Swedish massage and various spa techniques balance the body for a well rounded treatment. Massage is useful in the treatment of headaches, chronic and acute pain, stress relief, muscle tension and general relaxation. Massage is a wonderful pre-natal treatment and is also helpful for diabetic neuropathy.Hot stone massage is used as an alternative to deep tissue massage or for simple relaxation.


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