Using a sophisticated, computer-based tool call a BioElectrical Impedance Measuring Device or BIM, a comprehensive assessment of the energy pathways of a person's body can be measured.

This non-invasive procedure measures electrical conductivity on acupuncture points that are related to the body's organs and organ systems. Major groups of points are connected through energy channels called meridians. Twenty of these meridians begin and end on the hands and feet.

Acupoints tested relate to areas of the body including the lungs,stomach, liver, circulation, kidneys, reproductive and other body systems. The information from the assessment will indicate energetically stressed areas in the body.

Start your Holistic Health Check-up with the:

Comprehensive Assessment
Over forty acupoints are used to energetically measure meridians and indicate whether they are balanced, stressed, or weakened.

Dental Compatibility Assessment
This assessment is preformed to energetically determine which dental materials best work for you. A copy of this can be provided for your dentist.

Allergy Assessment
This assessment energetically identifies food sensitivities that can compromise the state of your health.

This meridian stress assessment does not provide a medical diagnosis. If you suspect that you need medical intervention, please consult your physician. You are responsible for your own medical needs and must determine which type of medical care is best for you.

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